Developer Skills in 2018

The IT market is highly dynamic and continuously shapes the demands of both developers and their final customers. Working conditions, technologies and educational patterns change, showing different trends every year. Let’s take a look at the recent study, conducted by HackerRank, to understand how the developers’ world looks in 2018. 25% started coding before 16 […]

Remote Employment: Global Trends

Labour market is being shaped by the new forms of employment – telecommuting, freelance, and flexible contracts are becoming more and more popular around the world. Let’s take a look at numbers to understand how these growing trends will change the business in the future. Home is best Reuters have conducted a study, evidencing that around […]

Gamestreaks: How We Created a Non-monetary Betting Platform

We like solving complicated problems – the ones requiring deep study, non-conventional approach and creativity. Therefore, when a US-based company contacted us telling about the project they have in mind but yet didn’t manage to put it in life, we knew that we will definitely take the challenge. This is how our work on GameStreaks […]

How Developer’s Life Really Looks Like

There are a lot of stereotypes about developers – crazy geeks working at night, drinking litres of coffee and not stopping coding even after work. Do you agree? We decided to find the truth, and asked our developers in Liki, how their ordinary working day looks like. So, here’s what we got: Our developers are […]

How to Keep Your Remote Teams Productive and Satisfied

As studies confirm, remote workers tend to be more productive than their in-office colleagues in light of several reasons. As employees themselves note, it is mainly connected with their flexibility, lack of stress, and a possibility to choose and organize the working space themselves, resulting in saving time. However, remote employment entails some drawbacks, as was […]

Prepare to get inspired on Horizon 2020’s “Successful R&I in Europe 2018” event

Nearshoring in ICT projects, Remote Management of Mobile Devices, and more The 9th edition of the European Networking Event – “Successful R&I in Europe” is going to take place on March 15th, 2018. It has attracted over 2300 participants since 2009 and involved networking, workshops, and an exhibition. In short: An unmissable opportunity. Then and now […]

Join Us While We Discuss Remote Work Success Stories on Forum Human Resources

What do interesting success stories, life lessons, business insights, networking and Pizza have in common? The fact that you can get them all at Forum Human Resources: Cooperation with Remote Teams event. Innovative communication technologies, processes, and tools make it possible for dispersed teams to cooperate smoothly. Distance is not an obstacle to successful completion of IT […]

Networking – the Company’s Strength Derives from Contacts

35 MINUTES! This is the average amount of time you need to start a business online. But how to develop it equally as quickly? Where to get investors from? Where can you find reliable partners? How to create a global company beginning from a local one? Below are some tips. Today, first and foremost, you […]

The First Street Application in Poland: Piotrkowska

While being in Lodz and wanting to explore it even without having much time, you can not miss the most popular street in the city – Piotrkowska Street. The longest European street promenade with continuous development is now probably the first street with its own application. Being on Piotrkowska you will notice beautiful houses, picturesque […]