Gamification for recruitment – inspiring HR trend you want to use

Does the recruitment process have to be boring? Absolutely not! On the example of one of our internship projects, we will show you how to maximize the potential of interns while testing their knowledge and skills. Moreover, instead of a standard question-and-answer conversation, we propose… a game. What about some unconventional recruiting strategy? Gamification – […]

Providing Breakfast for the Company as a Way to Increase Employee Efficiency

What’s the sociology of the common meal from the business perspective? Is providing breakfast to your employees a good way to increase their motivation? Are there any other benefits of co-workers gathering for breakfast in the morning? BREAKFAST AS A WAY TO SHAPE STARTUP CULTURE One of the main duties of every business owner or […]

How to Employ Virtual Reality Tools into a Content Marketing Strategy and Create a Unique Brand Story?

Recently we have written an article about different forms of providing branded content. We provided the rules which should be followed if you want to generate an unforgettable experience for your customers. Then, there were presented examples of the most successful branded campaigns. Such techniques like video making can help to turn your brand story […]

Let’s Take Different Approach to What We Publish

In other words, should we take the brand out of the branded content?Many of you have probably heard that ‘content is a king’. At Liki Mobile Solutions we agree with that expression. Its power to attract potential customers and keep them satisfied can help to build brand awareness. What do companies usually do? They make […]

Gamestreaks: How We Created a Non-monetary Betting Platform

We like solving complicated problems – the ones requiring deep study, non-conventional approach and creativity. Therefore, when a US-based company contacted us telling about the project they have in mind but yet didn’t manage to put it in life, we knew that we will definitely take the challenge. This is how our work on GameStreaks […]

RAMSES: The European Initiative for Health Crises

The RAMSES Consortium The Ramses consortium was formed by Corevas GmbH & Co. KG to help with the cause of 20% of all natural deaths in the EU: sudden cardiac arrest. 90% of the 400,000+ people in major EU countries affected each year do not survive.Corevas’s mission is to improve the lives of individuals and […]

The First Street Application in Poland: Piotrkowska

While being in Lodz and wanting to explore it even without having much time, you can not miss the most popular street in the city – Piotrkowska Street. The longest European street promenade with continuous development is now probably the first street with its own application. Being on Piotrkowska you will notice beautiful houses, picturesque […]