We are Featured as a Digital Partner on Clutch

With the rise of a predominantly digital-first marketplace, digital solutions have become one of the most important prerequisites for success in dozens of industries. With the explosion of the mobile platform and the global adoption of the internet, top firms have been provided with an opportunity to leverage these new technologies to reach their clients in new […]

Is Blockchain Going to Revolutionize Global Economy and Our Lives?

Let’s break down the reasons why blockchain can revolutionize not only the way we run our transactions but also the way we interact with each other. At Liki Mobile Solution we are focused on the current trends in IT industry, business issues and the field of economy as well. That is why we decided to […]

Developer Skills in 2018

The IT market is highly dynamic and continuously shapes the demands of both developers and their final customers. Working conditions, technologies and educational patterns change, showing different trends every year. Let’s take a look at the recent study, conducted by HackerRank, to understand how the developers’ world looks in 2018. 25% started coding before 16 […]

Why Poland: 4 Reasons to Outsource Your IT Processes to Our Country

Global Software Development Leader Not everyone knows, that Poland is one of the top software development and outsourcing destinations – according to many independent sources, Polish developers are among the most skilled in the global rankings (#3 in the world, according to HackerRank). Moreover, the country possesses quality technology infrastructure – having joined the EU 14 […]

Remote Employment: Global Trends

Labour market is being shaped by the new forms of employment – telecommuting, freelance, and flexible contracts are becoming more and more popular around the world. Let’s take a look at numbers to understand how these growing trends will change the business in the future. Home is best Reuters have conducted a study, evidencing that around […]

5 Bad Habits of Managers Working with Remote Teams

1. Being unavailable The performance of a remote team largely depends on communication, as there are fewer opportunities to interact face-to-face. Poor communication with the manager and unavailability is a serious threat to the successful operation of a team. Be available! At least, during the established “core working hours”, when everyone is supposed to be […]

Poland Among Top 3 Countries With The Best Programmers

If you are curious where to find the most qualified programmers for your business, HackerRank has got an answer for you. The online resource studied their 1.5M community participating in online programming challenges to find out the places with the most competent specialists. They based the ranking on 15 different domains of challenges, by averaging the […]

How to Keep Your Remote Teams Productive and Satisfied

As studies confirm, remote workers tend to be more productive than their in-office colleagues in light of several reasons. As employees themselves note, it is mainly connected with their flexibility, lack of stress, and a possibility to choose and organize the working space themselves, resulting in saving time. However, remote employment entails some drawbacks, as was […]

Nearshoring: Choosing a Middle Way

If your company would like to cut the cost of IT services offered in the home country but is concerned about the risks of offshore cooperation, there’s a still a solution for you – nearshoring. As can be well understood from its name, nearshore outsourcing (or nearshoring) means delegating part of business processes, often in […]

Long-distance Relations: Building Effective Cooperation with Remote Teams

In March 2018, Liki was participating in Forum Human Resources: Cooperation with Remote Teams, organized by SIBB e.V. in Berlin. During the event,  Liki COO Przemek Mikus shared the company’s success stories in effective remote collaboration. Also, we have established partner relations with many prospective customers interested in IT outsourcing. Summing up the forum results,  we decided to […]