Liki 5 Main Trends of IoT World in 2017

The Internet of Things or connecting devices to the internet is currently becoming the big new that is taking over businesses. So what are its trends that are noticeable in 2017? No longer a distant idea- IoT is here This year we are witnessing a move of the industries’ digital transformation efforts from operational efficiency […]

One App for it All?

Enjoy your fairs using just one app The IT world is giving us more and more to talk about. This time it has surrounded us by news about apps and platforms helping us to organize our businesses. As it is a particularly busy period concerning World’s biggest fairs and showrooms of IT innovations, businesses or […]

Internet of Things

What is the future of connected devices holding? In less than a month, we will be witnessing a happening of “Internet of Things World”, an international meeting for IoT professionals. It will be held in Santa Clara Convention Center, California, USA, and attracting 11,000 IoT professionals, over 250 exhibitors and startups and more. It is […]

Why Do We Love AngularJS?

1. Single page web applications made easy HTML is great for creating static websites, but not much use for developing a dynamic web application which can react instantly to changes made by a user. In theory, those changes can be made on the server side. However, in this case, an entirely new web page must […]

Leisure Time on the Platform

A universal mobile application can become a tool that streamlines the work of the company and gives it a chance to stand out among other companies in the industry. Spending leisure time on a platform Tourist and leisure time industry is one of the most competitive and one of the most rapidly growing segments of […]

Snatch the Shopper – Get to Know Your Customer

Who is your client, your customer, your consumer? And what things have the impact on their behavior, choices, and decisions? Market researchers and marketing specialists have been looking for the answers to these questions for several decades. What for? We need to know to whom we can sell our products, in which way and which […]

Promotional Applications

Apart from developing standard mobile applications, LikiMS also develops much larger and more complex solutions which are used to promote local regions, cities, and many different events. Understanding the source of success When something goes wrong, it’s usually easy to identify what went wrong and point a finger at the guilty party. Yes, it seems […]