How to Keep Your Remote Teams Productive and Satisfied

As studies confirm, remote workers tend to be more productive than their in-office colleagues in light of several reasons. As employees themselves note, it is mainly connected with their flexibility, lack of stress, and a possibility to choose and organize the working space themselves, resulting in saving time. However, remote employment entails some drawbacks, as was […]

Nearshoring: Choosing a Middle Way

If your company would like to cut the cost of IT services offered in the home country but is concerned about the risks of offshore cooperation, there’s a still a solution for you – nearshoring. As can be well understood from its name, nearshore outsourcing (or nearshoring) means delegating part of business processes, often in […]

RAMSES: The European Initiative for Health Crises

The RAMSES Consortium The Ramses consortium was formed by Corevas GmbH & Co. KG to help with the cause of 20% of all natural deaths in the EU: sudden cardiac arrest. 90% of the 400,000+ people in major EU countries affected each year do not survive.Corevas’s mission is to improve the lives of individuals and […]

Long-distance Relations: Building Effective Cooperation with Remote Teams

In March 2018, Liki was participating in Forum Human Resources: Cooperation with Remote Teams, organized by SIBB e.V. in Berlin. During the event,  Liki COO Przemek Mikus shared the company’s success stories in effective remote collaboration. Also, we have established partner relations with many prospective customers interested in IT outsourcing. Summing up the forum results,  we decided to […]

We are Ttions: Liki Team Showing Excellence and Winning the 2nd #Hackathonamring

Last weekend was an exciting adventure and a great challenge for the whole Liki family. We were presenting EmergencyEye, our project supporting emergency situations, to the European healthcare and innovation community in Nurburgring during the second #hackathonamring. The solution developed by our team serves the ordinary people in crisis situations, as well as the dispatchers, […]

Liki on Hackathon: A Photoreport & What You Can Expect from the 2nd Edition

Blocked screens, encrypted data, and frustration… You’ve probably heard about hackers making managers and IT support lose their mind. This word has certainly gained a lot of bad fame over the years, but this next event will prove that hacking will actually save your life instead of making it difficult. Important projects, a 12-hour hacking […]

Meet PINTra – A Platform for Intelligent Transparency

For 9 years already, “Successful R&I in Europe” has been a unique space for presenting outstanding projects and working together to bring higher value to European R&I community. This time, Liki Mobile Solutions was among the enthusiasts to share our vision and ideas with other like-minded businesses, and make the world a better place through innovation and […]

Prepare to get inspired on Horizon 2020’s “Successful R&I in Europe 2018” event

Nearshoring in ICT projects, Remote Management of Mobile Devices, and more The 9th edition of the European Networking Event – “Successful R&I in Europe” is going to take place on March 15th, 2018. It has attracted over 2300 participants since 2009 and involved networking, workshops, and an exhibition. In short: An unmissable opportunity. Then and now […]

Join Us While We Discuss Remote Work Success Stories on Forum Human Resources

What do interesting success stories, life lessons, business insights, networking and Pizza have in common? The fact that you can get them all at Forum Human Resources: Cooperation with Remote Teams event. Innovative communication technologies, processes, and tools make it possible for dispersed teams to cooperate smoothly. Distance is not an obstacle to successful completion of IT […]

How to Save Your Life and at least $4.300

Beginning on 8:05 a.m. on Jan 13, 2018 A panic attack on a national scale has taken place. The false emergency alert that was sent to Hawaii’s citizens’ iPhones made us sure that this way of warning would technically work. At least the message has been received and read. But what about saving lives in […]