8 Amazing Ways to Track Your Health and Fitness through Technology

It is usually said that technology changes our communication habits and adversely affects our health. Of course, as with everything, you should not exaggerate, but whether new technologies really have a bad influence on our health? The answer is NO. New devices also give new opportunities, but we don’t have to spend money on complicated […]

Developer Skills in 2018

The IT market is highly dynamic and continuously shapes the demands of both developers and their final customers. Working conditions, technologies and educational patterns change, showing different trends every year. Let’s take a look at the recent study, conducted by HackerRank, to understand how the developers’ world looks in 2018. 25% started coding before 16 […]

Why Poland: 4 Reasons to Outsource Your IT Processes to Our Country

Global Software Development Leader Not everyone knows, that Poland is one of the top software development and outsourcing destinations – according to many independent sources, Polish developers are among the most skilled in the global rankings (#3 in the world, according to HackerRank). Moreover, the country possesses quality technology infrastructure – having joined the EU 14 […]

Remote Employment: Global Trends

Labour market is being shaped by the new forms of employment – telecommuting, freelance, and flexible contracts are becoming more and more popular around the world. Let’s take a look at numbers to understand how these growing trends will change the business in the future. Home is best Reuters have conducted a study, evidencing that around […]

Gamestreaks: How We Created a Non-monetary Betting Platform

We like solving complicated problems – the ones requiring deep study, non-conventional approach and creativity. Therefore, when a US-based company contacted us telling about the project they have in mind but yet didn’t manage to put it in life, we knew that we will definitely take the challenge. This is how our work on GameStreaks […]

How Developer’s Life Really Looks Like

There are a lot of stereotypes about developers – crazy geeks working at night, drinking litres of coffee and not stopping coding even after work. Do you agree? We decided to find the truth, and asked our developers in Liki, how their ordinary working day looks like. So, here’s what we got: Our developers are […]

5 Bad Habits of Managers Working with Remote Teams

1. Being unavailable The performance of a remote team largely depends on communication, as there are fewer opportunities to interact face-to-face. Poor communication with the manager and unavailability is a serious threat to the successful operation of a team. Be available! At least, during the established “core working hours”, when everyone is supposed to be […]

React Native: Doing it Faster than ever

All the developers are now going crazy about React Native. We decided to ask our Technical and Team Leader, Zbigniew, what’s so special about this framework, and how Liki teams are using it. “Basically, this framework uses an ECMAScript (like JavaScript) for fast mobile app prototyping. It is based on React, that was used to create […]

Hybrid or Native? Choosing an App Depending on Your Business

If you’re wondering what type of mobile app will be better for you, you’re not the only one. This dilemma is common, especially if you are an entrepreneur that is up to date with current trends. The type of your application can affect the business model whether you manage a big company or a Startup. […]

Poland Among Top 3 Countries With The Best Programmers

If you are curious where to find the most qualified programmers for your business, HackerRank has got an answer for you. The online resource studied their 1.5M community participating in online programming challenges to find out the places with the most competent specialists. They based the ranking on 15 different domains of challenges, by averaging the […]